Workshop Feedback & Testimonials

After every workshop, I ask the participants two questions:

  • How likely are you to recommend this workshop to your colleagues?
  • Why would (or wouldn’t) you recommend it?

Participants’ unedited feedback

“Because it opens our minds to a new field which is totally neglected in research. The workshop was excellent as an introduction into this field.”

Nadine, PhD student at Medical University of Graz

“Many ideas that were said during the seminar were very logical and straightforward but until then I haven’t considered them so important. I believe many people think as I did before and that is why I would highly recommend the seminar to others.”

PhD student at University of Helsinki

“The workshop was very interactive, which profited all the participants enormously! We had the opportunity to present our research in presentation slides/posters and discuss how to make them better.”

Klara, PhD student at BOKU, Vienna

“Useful, insightful, entertaining, memorable!”

PhD student at IJS, Ljubljana

“There were many examples which made it really easy to follow and to understand the topic.”

Lisa, PhD student at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

“Many of the things discussed were fairly elementary, and many of them I knew already beforehand. However, there is a significant difference between “knowing” something in the back of your mind and actively recognizing and implementing them during research graphic preparation. Therefore I found it useful to have basic concepts of a good figure spelled out and some of the web based tools presented I will definitely use in the future.”

Genetics PhD student at University of Helsinki

“Because it’s covering important guidelines and techniques to present information. Regular scholar training is missing this kind of lecture, even though 1h30 was already enough to make a significant difference in our understanding of visual communication, which is crucial and not only for doctorands. The talk was very well organized and presented, cristal clear and with a good rhythm so as to not to fall asleep after lunch. I liked the fact that the speaker tried to get the audience involved by making it a discussion.”

Computer science PhD student at University of Helsinki

Some of the phrases that often appear among the feedback are:

  • thought provoking
  • eye/mind opening
  • a new point of view, changed my thinking
  • outstanding/encouraging presenter!