Dr. Jernej Zupanc • Visual Communication of Science

Communication is my professional passion. I study, apply, and teach how to visually present complex messages to make them easy to understand for different audiences.

The core of my work are workshops and webinars for scientists. These are mostly organized by research institutions or companies and attended by PhD students and PostDocs. Besides training, I also consult on business and science communication. I am based in Europe but work globally.

Dr. Jernej Zupanc, Communication Coach & Consultant

Dr. Jernej Zupanc, Communication Coach & Consultant

Although I primarily study and explore visual communication, I also eclectically collect best practices from communication experts no matter their field of application (management consulting, persuasion, psychology, marketing, graphic design, photography, journalism etc.). For each approach, I try to find out: (1) does it work, (2) can my clients use it to improve their communication.

From my work in diverse environments (research, engineering, policy, business), and Seyens workshops, where I’ve been exposed to thousands of scientists from various topics, I have developed the ability to quickly absorb scientific and other complex concepts and view them from different perspectives. In my coaching and training, I aim to solve problems while helping clients understand the underlying reasons for the design decisions so they can improve all of their further communications.

You might find it relevant that I too have conducted research. My PhD was in computer science (biomedical image analysis) and I was a Fulbright scholar at Northeastern University in Boston. After returning from the USA, I wrote a manual on how to prepare the Fulbright proposal which has since helped over 100.000 applicants from 209 countries.

Between 2013-2016, I was an evaluator of EU H2020 research and innovation related proposals and later also consultant / grant writer. I independently wrote €3M+ of grant proposals and consulted on additional €20M+ of successful grants as part of Zaz Ventures. My professional profile is on LinkedIn.