Workshop Feedback & Testimonials

I am very open when it comes to feedback on my live training and don’t hide anything. I believe that it is impossible to satisfy all people all the time, so some criticism is necessary if you ask for sincere feedback. I read everything and if there is a pattern, I act and modify my training. Nevertheless, majority of people I work with reap significant benefits from our interaction and they are not shy to share that.

In Spring 2021 I started collecting feedback on Trustpilot so it is visible to everyone. Please read below (and directly on Trustpilot) some of the feedback from past participants. All feedback is from actual participants of my live events (mostly online, but also on-site).

95% 5-star Reviews by Participants on Trustpilot


Some of the phrases that often appear among the feedback are:

  • thought provoking
  • eye/mind opening
  • a new point of view, changed my thinking
  • outstanding/encouraging presenter!