Dr. Jernej Zupanc

I study and teach how to visually present complex messages and make them easy to understand. I help scientists, innovators, businessmen, entrepreneurs to get their ideas across and get their work published or funded. I regularly consult on scientific publications, grant proposals, and occasionally work on patents and startup pitch decks. But most of all, I run workshops for young scientists.

For the last five years, I’ve been studying how to effectively communicate complex messages. My primary focus has been the visual aspect, however, I eclectically collect all best practices from communication experts no matter their field of application (persuasion, graphic design, photography, journalism etc.). My only criteria are (1) does it work, (2) can scientists use it to improve our communication. Through years, I have collected the material and prepared it in a sequence of easy to grasp lessons and exercises. In the Seyens workshops, you’ll be able to quickly internalize the concepts, mostly because they make sense and can be directly applied to what you do.


From my work in diverse environments (research, engineering, policy, business), and Seyens workshops, where I’ve been exposed to hundreds of researchers from various research fields, I have developed the ability to quickly absorb scientific concepts and see them from different perspectives. This allows me to guide you with feedback on how you can improve the way you communicate your own research.

You might find it relevant that I too have conducted research. My PhD was in computer science (biomedical image analysis) and I was a Fulbright scholar at Northeastern University in Boston. After returning from the USA, I wrote a manual on how to prepare the Fulbright proposal which has since helped over 100.000 applicants from 205 countries. In the last three years, I’ve been active as an evaluator of H2020 research and innovation related proposals. I’ve read more than 4000 pages of project proposals and gained significant experience on being on both sides of project application (also consulted successful H2020 project application for €1M+). My professional profile is on LinkedIn.

And then there is Seyens, the meeting point of my passion for science and my purpose of adding value. It is where I’ve found I can contribute. It is truly a ‘help science do science’.