Seyens Events


Upcoming: Medical University Graz 2017, September
Upcoming: Center for NanoScience @ LMU 2017, June 26th & 27th (2-day)
Upcoming: LBI Lung Vascular Research Graz 2017, June 12th
Upcoming: Furtwangen University 2017, May 29th & 30th (2-day)
German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) 2017, May 18th
Slovenian Biochemical Society 2017, May 10th
Institute of Science and Technology Austria 2017, May 5th
Max Planck Institute for Medical Research 2017, May 2nd
Heidelberg University 2017, April 28th
Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich 2017, March 24th
MFPL Vienna 2017, February 24th & 25th (2-day)
Medical University Graz 2017, February 22nd & 23rd (2-day)
BOKU Vienna 2017, February 8th
BOKU Vienna 2017, February 6th
MFPL PhD Program 2016, November 30th
State Agrarian University of Moldova 2016, November 25th
Warsaw University of Technology 2016, October 21st
Gdansk University of Technology 2016, October 19th
University of Gdansk 2016, October 19th
Slovenian Chemical Days 2016, September 29th
Harvard University 2016, June 15th
Medical University Graz 2016, June 9th
National Institute of Chemistry Slovenia 2016, June 6th
University of Ljubljana 2016, June 3rd
Medical University Vienna 2016, April 22nd
Medical University Vienna 2016, April 21st
Max F. Perutz Laboratories 2016, March 3rd
Vienna Biocenter 2016, March 2nd
Institute Jozef Stefan 2016, February 28th
Vienna Biocenter 2015, September 10th
Czech University of Life Sciences Prague 2015, September 9th
Technical University of Lodz 2015, September 4th
University of Istanbul 2015, May 21st
Natural Resources Institute Finland 2015, May 19th
University of Helsinki 2015, May 18th
University of Latvia in Riga 2015, May 13th
Northeastern University 2014, April 3rd