Instructions for organizer

Thank you for organizing a Seyens workshop. Please skim so we can prepare a great event.

Before the event

  • Contact phone, venue address: I will need the exact venue (including building and room number) and the phone of the person to meet ~30 minutes before the event.
  • ~2 weeks before: send me emails of participants and I will send them detailed instructions (how to submit materials).

Venue preparation

Most workshops are 9-5 on both days.

  • Room with desks and chairs: a room large enough for the number of participants (up to 20), preferably classroom setup. Every participant should have desk space.
  • Additional room on day 1: we will have break-out group work on the afternoon of day 1. Alternatively—multiple small rooms, offices, couches on the hallways.
  • Coffee breaks are each 45-60 minutes. If not provided, there should be an option to buy drinks nearby.

Equipment & materials

  • Beamer: for my PowerPoint slides should be a modern, high quality projector, with 16:9 image ratio. I bring my computer (HDMI, VGA and miniDP adapters).
  • Paper: plain printing paper (A4 or similar) for drawing.
  • Flipchart/whiteboard