Effective Visual Communication of Science

Take Your Publications, Posters, and Slides To The Next Level
With a Proven System to Visualize Your Ideas and Findings
and Make Your Messages Easier to Understand

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    Proven & Globally Trusted

    Most loved training at many of 150+ excellent research institutions.
    Already in 24 countries since 2013.


    Work on Your Materials

    Participants send their publications in advance. They get feedback and visualize their own research messages.



    The skills are transferrable and work for all types of science presentation and for communicating with diverse audiences.

    95% 5-star Reviews by Participants on Trustpilot


    Take Your Publications, Posters, and Slides To The Next Level!

    My goal is to help you become a more effective communicator. I am able to facilitate an immersive online experience so you can learn while interacting with fellow scientists from the comfort of your home or office.

    • Benefits for researchers: You will understand and learn to apply effective visual strategies to structure and design your images so your audiences will more easily understand your complex messages. This knowledge will be applied also to your slides and posters, so you learn how to apply it to all of your visual science communication and presentations. It is a training that fundamentally changes how participants think about communication, not only in science, but also in life.
    • Personalized feedback & interactivity: you will be able to submit your materials (figures/slides) before the event. I will make a selection and give you personalized feedback. You will also discuss your materials with other participants and learn to receive and give informed and constructive feedback. It is an immersive webinar, structured, easy to follow, memorable, useful and fun.

    Trusted by researchers at renowned institutions