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Visually amplify
your messages

Readers first only skim papers,
their eyes stop at images


Raise credibility
of your work

Well-designed publications raise the perceived credibility of the author


Get your research
published & funded

Reviewers and readers value effective communication of complex ideas

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Empower Your Science Communication with The Seyens Method™

My mission is to train scientists in the skills necessary to structure and visualize your own messages so they are effortlessly understood by your audiences.

I want you to acquire the most valuable know-how in the shortest time, immediately apply it to your communication and get results. No nonsense, no fluff.

The Seyens Method™ is a comprehensive design philosophy, process, and set of strategies tailored specifically for scientists to visually communicate your ideas and findings effectively. It is science-based and leverages principles of human perception to create visual communication materials—such as images, slides, posters, papers, and grants—that are intuitively understandable to diverse audiences. At its core is the belief that clear understanding is paramount in communication, prioritizing speed and ease of comprehension over aesthetics.


Trusted by researchers at renowned institutions since 2013

Make your ideas stand out, be easily understood, and create an impact.

In the highly competitive environment of science and innovation, having ideas and crafting findings is only the first step. If you want your messages to be seen and create an impact you have to thoughtfully design how they are communicated.

My passion is to discover the best approaches for effective visual communication. How to make complex ideas and results easy to understand. I have distilled these in an engaging and efficient training, so you can get the best results in minimum time.

I love working with scientists. And if you are passionate to understand nature, or on a mission to change the world, we already have something in common. Let's work together!

Dr. Jernej Zupanc, Founder

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